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Enthroned - 1995 - Prophecies of Pagan Fire(+bonus CD)

:Prophecies of Pagan Fire CD:
1. Prophecies of Pagan Fire (Intro)02:33
2. Deny the Holy Book Of Lies05:52
3. Under the Holocaust05:19
4. Scared By Darkwinds05:39
5. Tales From a Blackened Horde03:58
6. At DAwn of a Funeral Winter07:08
7. Rites of the Northern Fullmoon04:11
8. Skjeldenland06:47
9. At The Sound of the Millenium Black Bells04:25
10. As The Wolves Houl Again08:12
Total playing time: 54:04
Bonus CD (1999 version contains a bonus disc with the following tracks:)
1. Postmortem Penetrations
2. Evil Church (Live)
3. At the Sound of the Millenium Black Bells (Live)
4. The Conquerer (Live)
5. Ha-Shaitan (Live)
6. Legend of the Coldest Breeze (Demo)
7. Tales From a Blackened Horde (Demo)
8. Deny the Holy Book of Lies (Demo)
9. Rites of the Northern Fullmoon (Demo)
10. Scared by Darkwinds (Demo)
11. At the Sound of the Millenium Black Bells (Demo)
Total playing time: 40:06


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